Another one of our frequently requested services is sports court line marking. Affordable Line Marking is experienced in marking both outdoor sports courts (either asphalt or concrete) and indoor sports courts (wooden). We have completed line marking work for many local schools and sporting clubs.

Sports Court Marking Process

The first step in marking a sports court is surface preparation. This will depend on the condition of the existing court. After this, the layout is measured, taped and then painted. A high level of accuracy is required at this stage to ensure the markings are correct.

Clients can choose from a range of colours depending on the sport. For example, not all tennis courts need to have white lines. We often mark tennis court lines using yellow or black paint.

Tennis Court Markings

Marking and painting a tennis court requires specialist equipment and paint as well as an experienced contractor. If you want precise lines and a court that meets the accepted standard, only work with professionals like Affordable Line Marking. 

The markings on a tennis court are there to show the boundaries for every shot and include:

  • Baseline
  • Singles’ sideline
  • Doubles’ sideline
  • Net
  • Centre service line
  • Service Box
  • Service Line
  • Doubles tramline
  • Baseline Centre Mark

Our tennis court lines are bold, accurate and available in a wide range of colours including green, white, red, blue and yellow. The line colour is almost always determined by the colour of the surface. 

Sports Court Line Marking and Remarking

We can mark brand new courts as well as remark old courts including:

  • Tennis courts (full and half size)
  • Basketball courts
  • Volleyball courts
  • Netball courts
  • Badminton courts
  • Handball courts

We can also create a multi-court to maximise usage. This involves overlaying multiple sports courts and games in a single area using contrasting colours. Call us for a free line marking quote. We offer our line marking services in Brisbane and all surrounding suburbs.