Road Line Markings are a big part of our business and when driving on the roads of Queensland, it’s important to pay attention to them. Not only will they prevent you from making traffic violations, but they can also help ensure your safety. Here are the five common types of road line markings in the state and what they mean.

Continuous Centre Lines

There are three types of continuous centre lines. The first one is the single continuous line, which means you’re not allowed to overtake a vehicle or make a U-turn. However, you’re allowed to safely pass cyclists and enter or leave a road, including when entering or leaving a property.

The second one is centre line left of a broken line. If you are on the same side of the road as the continuous line, you’re not allowed to cross the line to overtake or do a U-turn. The third is the double continuous centre line, which forbids you from crossing the line except when safely passing a cyclist.

Broken centre lines

This line marking means you can overtake a vehicle, as well as make a turn or do a U-turn. The same rule applies to double broken centre lines.

Continuous lane lines

When you see continuous lane lines, it means you are not allowed to cross them unless the lane you’re moving to or from is a special purpose lane.

Continuous edge lines

Put simply, edge lines are lines that signify the edge of the road. The area left of the edge is called the shoulder and is a restricted area for moving motor vehicles. You’re not allowed to cross white continuous edge lines unless you’re overtaking to the left of a vehicle turning right or making a U-turn, or you’re driving a slow-moving vehicle and want other vehicles to overtake you.

Stop and give way lines

Stop and give way lines work like the stop and give way signs. As such, when you approach either of these road markings, you must follow the rules as if there was a stop or give way sign nearby even when there isn’t.

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