As parents, we are always trying to think of new ways to keep our children interested in learning new things. To support good physical and mental health, we often take them to playgrounds where they can play with their friends. Children also encounter playgrounds at daycare, preschools and schools and many of these playgrounds will feature playground markings. Why? Well, there are many positive effects of playground markings for your child. Here are just some of them.

How Playground Markings Can Help Children Learn

There are many playground markings that can help children learn. Footprint markings can help develop their coordination and mental agility. Playing with their friends may also encourage them to count their friend’s footsteps.

A caterpillar of ABC’s is another great playground marking. Children can move with each step and learn the alphabet more actively. This allows them to learn their ABC’s while having fun instead of simply memorizing them in a classroom setting.

Who doesn’t love snakes and ladders? This playground marking encourages children to use their counting skills with each roll of the dice.

playground markings


What Are The Benefits Of Playground Markings?

Aside from helping children learn, playground markings can help them improve their physical health. Hopscotch is a great game, and this helps children enhance their strength, body control and coordination. Hopping also strengthens their leg muscles.

Obstacle courses are another popular type of playground marking, as are the following:

  • Clock Games
  • Compass & Maps
  • Mazes
  • Number Games
  • Multiplication Grids
  • Roadways
  • Targets
  • Trails

Playground Marking Installers

Check out this video from a UK-based line marking company. The before and after shots demonstrate how new line markings can make a huge difference to play areas.

 There are many games you can create with playground markings. All it takes is a little creativity and the proper company to help you achieve them. Affordable Line Marking  provides quality line markings and can bring all your playground marking ideas to life. Get in touch today!